CH James in Best Smashed Avocado in Melbourne


Here is the article written by The World Loves Melbourne. Best smashed avocado in Melbourne? We've been around Melbourne and sourced some of our favourites. Some we know will order smashed avo dishes at every cafe they visit. Some gravitate to smashed avo for their hangover cure. Whatever it is, smashed avocado has a cult status in Melbourne. 

CH James - Fairfield

CHJMar17 70 

CH James in Fairfield is a definite contender for best smashed avocado dish in Melbourne. What sets it apart is not just the creamy smashed avocado on the plate but the addition of a panko egg is a masterstroke. Just cut into the panko egg and watch the yolk ooze out. Complement this with feta and dukkah spice nuances, then garlic yogurt, and chilli oil and you have a first class dish. For us this is not the normal cafe food but like restaurant quality food in a cafe.

The presentation is exceptional - it looks like a work of art! I love the play of textures and flavours; it's a creamy sensation but also some crunch. CH James has an all day menu so you can access this dish all through the day. 

CH James has a community feel about it. Station Street is iconic in itself and the open design of CH James where the inside cafe flows through the open doors to the courtyard gives a sense of space and festivity. The cafe space is light and airy with period implements mounted on the wall in reference to local 1880s local entrepreneur hero CH James.

CHJMar17 66

Friends of Mine - Richmond

smashedavo 2

Friends of Mine are known for their smashed avo exploits (several dishes feature smashed avo)  - especially the Hung Over dish, which The World Loves Melbourne has imbibed several times. This features Poached eggs with bacon and smashed avocado on cheesy herb bread. Just add Kasundi and scrambled eggs. We love the comment on the Insta account by Friends of Mine - "Nursing a sore head and need a little comfort? our hungover breakfast is like a hug from mum." Yes it's true - smashed avo dishes are known to be a hangover cure. Especially when bacon, egg and cheesy toast is involved. Images: Friends of Mine Insta.

smashedavo 3

Patch Cafe - Richmond

smashedavo 4

Patch Cafe in Richmond is one of our favourites, surprising many with its next level paleo food. So much seems to go into each dish. The Let's Smash It dish is one of the best smashed avo dishes in Melbourne; Smashed avocado with cashew feta, mint and chilli on organic sourdough or Patch paleo bread. Also comes with a poached egg, spiced tomato salsa, pomegranates, fluffy tri-coloured quinoa, and wedge of burnt lime. Also add bacon (which we did) or salmon. The balance of the dish is exceptional with creamy, crunchy, fruity elements all combining. The pomegranates are a welcome addition for vibrancy and zest. A chart topper!

smashedavo 5

Leroys - Newport

Leroys 3

Leroys prides itself on the menu's modern flavours, great coffee (Campos Roasters) and strong beliefs that local produce and seasonality are the stepping stones to great cooking.

With options for both sweet and savoury palettes, their all-day breakfast menu includes local favourites like their cacao porridge (cacao nibs, berries, smashed freeze dried fruit, blood orange powder, maple syrup, chia super seeds and viola) or their Newport Hollan Daze (hash browns, smashed avocado, bacon, poached eggs, hollandaise, rocket and parmesan) and The Smashing. The Smashing is a stunning dish featuring Smashed avocado, Bulgarian feta, rocket, super seeds on sourdough with poached egg.Super seeds and smashed avo are a match made in heaven.

Punchbowl Canteen - Port Melbourne

Punchbowl 6

OK so the avocado is technically not smashed here, but the combination of homemade black bean sauce and avocado is irresistible and adds punch to the dish. The dish is humorously called Avocado on Toast (of course) and is a point of difference to other avocado dishes around Melbourne. Also check out their fish cake scotch eggs. 

The Mabel - Mitcham

TheMabel 44

 The Mabel is a gem of a cafe in the eastern suburbs.  Once again, the cafe food is of restaurant quality with experienced and talented chefs. Smashed avocado on potato rosti with roast pepper and legume salsa is another zesty creamy crunchy dish of note. Don't underestimate a potato rosti in partnership with smashed avocado. This dish has it all - creamy smashed avo with the zesty roast pepper and legume salad, and the thick potato rosti is a diverse and well balanced dish. Innovative and rewarding; one of the best in Melbourne.