CH James in Fairfield has just celebrated it's 5,000 serving of it's new Smashed Avocado dish. This dish has taken off since it's recent introduction, and is much more than simply smashed avocado on toast. This article appeared in leading Melbourne website The World Loves Melbourne.

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A recent competition alerted customers that the 5,000th dish was looming and that the 5,000th customer would get a free meal at their table to celebrate (up to 4 people). The occasion was also celebrated on social media and our winner Serena pleased to receive the free meal.

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Head Chef Talon first smears a garlic yoghurt across the plate then begins to build the dish. Next seeded toast is added with loads of creamy smashed avocado on top. A generous amount of smashed avocado is critical to the dish.  

Then a crumbed panko egg is added on top - ooozy egg inside of course! The crumbed panko egg is a point of difference with Japanese influence. Just cut into the panko egg and watch the yolk ooze out.

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Then Talon adds plenty of feta and dukkah over the top, adding further nuances and influences. After that Talon adds chilli oil for some "kick" then plenty of herbs (CH James has a herb garden). For a smashed avocado dish this is going the extra mile and adding technique and extra elements to what customers normally expect.

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The presentation is exceptional - with various colours of fresh produce making it a vibrant dish! The addition of the panko egg adds theatre - especially when you cut into it and the yolk oozes out. This is a play of textures and flavours; with creamy avocado but also some crunch of the toast and the crumbed element of the panko egg. CH James has an all day menu so you can access this dish all through the day. 

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CH James is a fabulous cafe for brunch, lunch and all day dining and coffee in Fairfield on the fringe of the city. The World Loves Melbourne caught up with leading Melbourne bloggers at CH James for a Saturday brunch. The place was pumping both inside and outside, including their superb courtyard setting. One of the best in Melbourne? If you're looking for vibe, top notch food and coffee, and excellent service, CH James is one of the best.

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CH James in Fairfield is a definite contender for best smashed avocado dish in Melbourne. Many on social media have already expressed this! Check it out on iconic Station St Fairfield.