Best Hotcakes in Melbourne



CH James has been included in Best Hotcakes in Melbourne article by The World Loves Melbourne.


"Best hotcakes in Melbourne? Dessert for breakfast? Melbourne is enjoying a wave of hotcakes, one of the most delicious and grammable dishes on the Melbourne brunch scene. Here are our 7 favourites:


CH James - Fairfield


Buttermilk Hotcakes with mascarpone foam, citrus, pepita and black sesame praline. These are a delight in terms of presentation, technique and taste! The pancakes themselves are cooked perfectly and are soft and fluffy inside, not too heavy. A slight caramelisation and crispy exterior made them a perfect foundation and hero of the dish. A hit of citrus provides high notes to complement the sweetness. A mascarpone foam is a masterstroke and makes this one of the most sophisticated hotcakes dishes around, adding a creamy element.


The elements of fruit enhance the fresh vibrancy of the dish, and enhance the citrus flavours. Presentation is nothing short of spectacular. Edible flowers on top elevate the dish even further. A well balanced dish and you can't help but feeling "They've gone to a lot of trouble and the extra mile to bring such a top notch version of hotcakes."


We note that the whole all day menu is filled with top notch dishes that excite, are great value and come with a level of sophistication. It's like restaurant quality food at a cafe. The trio of festive spaces including a killer courtyard enhance the experience even more. There's no better place on a fine day than the CH james courtyard with its art, garden beds, and backdrop of the old church next door.


CHJNewDishes 165 



Top Paddock - Richmond


The Blueberry & Ricotta Hotcake with berries, maple syrup, seeds & cream. Top Paddock is a perrenial favourite when it comes to hotcakes in Melbourne. (Also check out The Kettle Black). Rick and rewarding its a hit record with blueberries imbedded in the hotcakes themselves. A real crowd pleaser with perfectly cooked hotcakes and the sure winner of maple syrup, as well as quality elements of fruit and seeds, with edible flowers to boot. Thr cream is tastefully done, as thick and mouth watering. Presentation is first class - what's not to like about this? Rustic, sweet, rewarding.


TopPaddock3 17



Rustica Canteen - Brunswick, Hawthorn, CBD


OK - this is more of a waffle - but it rocks! Wholemeal waffle with Chai Poached Apples, Salted Caramel Mascarpone, Candie Puffed Quinoa, and Flaked Almonds. So beautifully balanced and delightfully presented from this trendsetting cafe group. We've followed Rustica's journey from when they first started and took a tour of their Brunswick facility early on. It was apparent the bakery was a bakery of distinction and they've forged an exciting path as a bakery cake - or is that cake bakery. It's all quality!


 Rustica2 25



Smith St Trader - Collingwood


A popular dish is the Blueberry Buttermilk Hotcakes featuring seasonal fruit, mascarpone, honey and maple syrup. These hotcakes are delicious, served as a stack rather than the one big circular hot cake you get at some other cafes. In fact these hotcakes are quite thick, more like cakes than pancakes. With blueberry infused in the mix, I loved it all. Pour some maple syrup over the top, and take some cream and fresh fruit, and you have a serious dish. Another indulgent dish, which also went with my cocktail. 


Richard Hands was a top bartender in London and is great engaging with customers. He loves to invest his time looking after customers - you don't always get such attention in other establishments. The World Loves Melbourne loves it when owners get hands on, and Richard has the savvy to match. He told me that Smith St can be unpredictable - busy then a bit quiet then suddenly a few groups walk in - you have to be ready at all times for a customer surge.


SmithStTrader 39



The Foodrinkery - Burwood


The Sweet Choice! Pretty in Pink with hotcakes, strawberry compote, mascarpone, fairy floss, white chocolate ganache, and ice cream. The hotcakes sit under the other elements, but the dish looks spectacular with so many pretty elements. Delicious and indulgent, this is just one example of the interesting and delicious dishes from The Foodrinkery All Day Menu. The touch of fairy floss is a whole lot of fun. Thr mascarpone goes brilliantly with the hot cakes, while a generous amount of quality ice cream makes for extra indulgence, sweetness and creaminess. 


The Foodrinkery is unique due to its position in the burbs in Burwood with a unique courtyard and kids play area out the back, which back on to a newly upgraded playground in a park. Surely this is one of the most kid friendly cafes in Melbourne. The menu also reflects several kid fridly options and they cater for kid's parties. Also known for other dishes such as their burgers, fritters, benedict and smothies and other healthy dish options.


FoodrinkeryAug17 57



Zumbo - South Yarra


Buttermilk pancakes are a classic addition; butter, lemon and sugar for the nostalgic at heart, or bacon, strawberries, maple syrup and crème fraîche for those who love things salty and sweet. If you’re deciding to fully commit to the sugar coma, add some extras like 100s & 1000s, Nutella, Housemade Jam or Soft serve. Or go the Ricotta pancakes! Zumbo does nothing in half measures and he's giving the brunch crowd another stunning dish that ticks all the boxes. 


Zumbobreakfast 10